The Water, Humming

Synopsis for Debut Novella

Margot is glad that Sophie is dead. She sees the tragedy as being a fresh start for her son, Jack and her grandson, Roland. However, when Jack’s new girlfriend, Alina moves in soon after the funeral, it becomes obvious to everyone that he has been having an affair. Margot can hear the neighbours whispering. She knows they think that Sophie’s death was their fault. Sophie haunts Margot. She sees Sophie at the pool where she drowned, at the piano when Roland is having his music lessons and Sophie’s composition, a lullaby, rings in her ears. Roland sees her too. His love for his mother is so strong that he denies the loss entirely. As Sophie’s presence becomes unbearable, Margot is forced to ask herself, did they cause Sophie’s death?

The Water, Humming is about the bond between a mother and her son. It is visceral, fortified by love and unending: nothing can rend it.